October 21, 2011

dark fluffy clouds

dark fluffy clouds. hye!
fluffy, fluffy, rainy day.
it so cold make me gaze u away.

ouh. bright sun shone come today.
u mr dark fluffy clouds.
hide ur fluffy face, pass through somewhere.

chirpy,chirpy little birds,
fly,fly in the air,
u chirp a song, like no one care.
may i join u, i love ur way.

ouh, flu was coming yesterday.
haha. nice, u come on time.
hurm. hari ni, rasa tenang yang mendamaikan.
usai solat subuh, mengalun ayat suci Allah, mengucap syukur.
Alhamdulillah :)

like usual, i open the window in the morning.
ouhhh. i felt the cold air breeze through my window.
i stand there, say hello to the nature.
stare a while, paint a smile.

hope, today i will be fine.
and tomorrow my day will always be bright and shine ^_^

p/s : when the time comes, the moments will leave, peaceful and quietly.

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