October 20, 2011

the book of tomorrow.

the book of tomorrow.
if everyone in this world have this book,
what will gonna happen?

maybe our life will not be exciting and  unfull of surprises.
people can correct all the shit things that gonna be happen.
and they dont need to think the day of tomorrow.
ouh.  life will be soooo bored!

grateful, bcoz i dont have the book of tomorrow.
grateful, u dont have it too.
life teach us to be a person, nor neither just as a human.
life is full of miracles, if u believe in Allah.

widen ur eyes, open ur mind, 
taste, feel, touch, try, and listen to the nature.
and u will feel the deepest unexplainable feelings.
which paint a consiliate smile in ur lips.

 the book of tomorrow,
only He own it.
full of secrets,
that human never know.

p/s : life is meaningful, when u learn to appreciate.

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