February 18, 2012


selamat pagi ^_^

today is really a good day.
alhamdulillah. i'm still breathing :) Thanx to Allah.

yeah dats what i want to talk about.
people always say expected the unexpected.
yeah. i always do that. but, when the unexpected is realllyyyy not like what u expected its make u sad, feeling down. and the frustration growing in ur heart and mind.
really. its break ur heart.

officially, i'm doing practical in a company ,[ in bracket i'm also been hired as permanent staff ]. a big company. 
so, for sure. i expected that i'll be placed in a department thats related to my course and knowledge, but but. nope, i didnt! i doing job that doesnt need any knowledge. juz need a few skills. siyesly, i'm feel like ouh mannnn what theeee h! so for few weeks, i really try harder to adapt. adapt the environment and the everyday-need-to-do-duty. crap! i feel crap. 

i talk to my friend.
he said : its juz a beginning. its like u r climbing a hills. u start from the ground and u climb step by step until the top. mira, be optimistic. u should be grateful. juz want u to know, many people jobless out there. 

a scary-dont-want-to-hear-words. nobody want to be jobless right. oh God. how ungrateful i am.
yeah. he's right. be optimistic, grab any experience as i can, learn, and prepare myself to be a good-quality-person so i could apply another challenging job. thanx dude! thanx for the words.

Allah, thanx for the opportunity You gave to me. 
You never dissapointing me. You give me a job at a good place, You give me a good result without any subject failed, You give me new friends, You give me everything. Thanx Allah :) i owe You everything. as i promised, i'll do, endeavour to be on the top. like i always think and dream of. thank you Allah :) 

p/s : setiap yang ditentukan dan dijadikan ada sebab dan hikmahnya. so juz grab it, hold on it, work on it. believe in urself and u'll get what u really want.

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